Alan Tsang

Alan Tsang from Sheffield rediscovered his love of painting three years ago. He expresses his world view through his art and using oils. Alan takes inspiration from all manner of sources – from fashion to music, other paintings, Chinese Communist ballet and political history.

My Brush with BBC1's Big Painting Challenge...

I never wanted to be on T.V. but I can't deny it had a certain appeal beyond promoting my artworks to a broader audience. There were tens of thousands of applications. After a few interviews, a 120 man paint off, casting and a visit to the BBC1 psychiatrist, I found myself as one of the 10.

The process of making a TV show was endlessly fascinating. The call sheet on Saturday felt like mission impossible if you chose to accept going to mystery location for 3 days. It was all there - TV camera's, grey furry mic's  and always a runner at hand to hold one of those things to reflect light onto your face. 

My favourite part (and the reason why I entered) was the judging room with the judges poring over every inch of the collective canvases. This time was amazing and I shall treasure it - even if I had painted a bit of a mongrel and was being ripped into. I would always spare a thought for Lesley who went out first, it really could have been any of us.

I've been terribly busy since the show. I've moved studio's (smaller), done some local bits and have been invited on to BBC Radio Sheffield (that I agreed to only if I play a record which I think its going to be Francoise Hardy - Le temps d'amour ). 

I've sold a few pictures but rather importantly, making submissions for exhibitions.Watch this space....



Alan Tsang Artist
Alan Tsang Art

Alan Tsang Art

Alan Tsang Art