Angela Watson

I began painting again only a couple of years ago now after being involved in an accident that left me seriously injured, and that I am still recovering from. Having been a very outdoorsy person before the accident, I found it hard not being able to take part in the things I loved the most. Fortunately I did find an output for this – through painting.

My entire life I have spent around and worked with horses, livestock and animals alike. I hope my work conveys my knowing of the subject.

My interests are now shifting to the elements. In particular I would like to start studying the sky and it’s many transformations. I have lived in some beautiful parts of the country and have been influenced by my surroundings.

Having used several different media to depict the subjects in my work, these being watercolour, chalk pastel and acrylic, I do hope to progress into using oil and I think I will find that it fits my needs in a medium.

Primarily using Oil paints allowed me to fill a space on canvas with thoughts, emotion, and stillness in a highly visual manner. Learning a new technique of expression, painting allowed me to focus without interference, freeing my mind to think and express myself, to look closer and examine the medium, subject and form.

I am currently taking part in a TV art competition. You can get a taste of it here:

Angela Watson Artist