Camilla Frederick

Camilla studied art in Florence for three years after leaving school. Then after living abroad for many years, she moved to London and worked as a photographer's agent in advertising.

Today she lives in Somerset with her husband, two children, two dogs, two goats, a sheep and a cat and she paints. 

Largely self taught, Camilla works in oils on canvas. Firstly she began exploring the relationship between inanimate objects.

Her understanding of light, shade and colour was much influenced by the years she spent working in photography.This lead to her love for portraiture.

Her subject matter is often political and topical, homelessness and refugees being two bodies of work that she has recently completed.

Whenever she can, Camilla travels to Burma where her son lives and paints the fascinating faces that she encounters along the way. Overall Camilla is beginning a transition towards the more edgy and harsh subject matter - away from the pretty towards an activism more relevant to this troubled world and she hopes to convey, through portraiture, a message.

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I am currently taking part in a TV art competition. You can get a taste of it here:

Camilla Frederick Artist