David White

David White has no formal training in art, but as a teenager he had two main hobbies: art and astronomy. He made a decision at school to attempt to pursue his scientific interests professionally. So it was after a gap of nearly 25 years before he got back to art, and in particular painting, around 2012.

Although he had a few half-hearted attempts to return to painting over those years, the frustration with oil paint, and lack of time, led to a abandoned attempts. It was only when he became a “stay-at-home dad”, and discovered the flexibility of acrylics (i.e. speed of drying, very flat opaque colour or transparency, informative labelling and vast range of colours), that he successfully rekindling his interest in painting.

Although his paintings typically take dozens of hours, as his experience and techniques progress, the time required to get to a satisfactory point is drastically reducing. Most of David’s paintings have been on his children, but he is now starting to branch out into other subjects, although still mainly of landscape and portraiture. In terms of technique David is still finding that he is experimenting to get the result that he desires or results that inspire him.

To see more you can visit my website: www.david-white-art.com.

I am currently taking part in a TV art competition. You can get a taste of it here:

David White Artist
Reflections in a Narrow Boat

Reflections in a Narrow Boat

This is one of my earliest (recent) paintings, from a canal boat holiday of ours. Rainwater reflections in a narrow boat roof, moored on the canals in central Birmingham.

The medium is acrylic on cotton canvas (170x90cm):